All integrated massage treatments are a combination of therapies, personalized to meet your needs.

 Each session includes aromatherapy and hot towel service.

As a partner in your health care and self care, tipping at Morning Light Wellness is appreciated but not expected!! 



Menu of Services

Please text or call me to schedule your in-person massage appointment!


Full Energy Treatments

(includes aromatherapy)


Clear out and let go of the energies of your auric field that are no longer in service to you and help your body heal at the same time.  It is pretty unbelievable how much better you can feel!  

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Shamanic Illumination

Energy Chelation

Meridian Balancing


Tarot Journey


Integrated Massage Therapy
60 Min - 120

90 Min - 170

Therapeutic & Swedish

Progressive Cupping

Facilitated Stretching 

Kinesiology Taping




Spa Lab

Raise your session into a blissful spa treatment by adding: 


*hot or cold sacred stones

*hand or foot treatments

*extra aromatherapy shot

*detoxifying clay mask facial massage

Specialty & Spa Treatments

Intuitive Wellness Session & Holistic Massage - 200

I also call this my "Magic Psychic Massage".  This special holistic 90 minute session combines expert massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and energy and intuitive work to open your chakras, relieve pain and stagnation in your body, and clear old energetic wounds and beliefs that may be keeping you "stuck" or preventing you from authentic open-heartedness and feeling good in your body.  We will start with a Tarot Journey, find your embodiment - where you feel strongest- and work through several layers of physical, emotional, and soulful clearing to help you feel more grounded, balanced, and hopeful.  Be prepared to feel worked, but so so much more energized in your body and your life.  

Open Your Heart Wellness Session - 180


New for February 2019!  This special session came to be after a very positive checkup with my new cardiologist.  I'm sharing my gratitude this way and invite you to open your own heart.  Do you hunch your shoulders?  Feel tight in your chest or diaphraghm?  Forget to breathe?  Carry pain, grief, anxiety, or depression?  Need a little TLC?  This session can help and draws from several modalities.  Included is a full circulatory relaxation massage, rose petal treatment, heart meridian and chakra balancing, and intuitive heart guidance from your four chambers.  Leave with your sacred heart open and ready for more love! 

Full Lymphatic Massage - 180


Lymphatic massage and drainage is a very light, gentle form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system to improve metabolism, promote the removal of bodily toxins and waste, and encourage a healthy immune system. It is very beneficial for those who are recovering from surgery, illness, have recently lost weight, or are detoxing their diet.  I call it a big toilet flush for your body!  Included is dry-brushing, lymphatic massage with adrenal aromatherapy boost, a lymphatic facial and mud foot treatment with emphasis on reflexology points.  You will leave with full water, skin, bladder and kidney flush!

Altitude Massage - 180 (cash only)


Combining organic hemp, high elevation lavender, and other custom essential oils, this 90 minute massage therapy treatment uses hemp and CBD power to amplify your outcome!  Keep the benefits of massage therapy going by choosing this ancient and beautiful plant medicine and elevate your health!

Craniosacral Therapy - 150

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch but profound therapy done that helps "reset" the Central Nervous System.  Good for migraines, releasing old wounds or trauma, headaches, TMJ, concussions and TBI, PTSD, depression, anxiety and promotes deep healing and relaxation.  Sessions are about 90 minutes and include light head, neck and shoulder massage.