Integrated Health Coaching:

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Health Discovery 

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What is it?


A 12 week Integrated Health Coaching program.

It is about cultivating meaningful changes to your life that support Mother Earth and taking radical action for all life now and into the new future we are creating. The focus will be how to walk more gently on the earth and making small changes that add up to big impacts. You will choose your focus areas, but some examples include:


-reducing food waste

-embodying your values

-calculating your carbon footprint

-new shopping habits like buying only what you need

-implementing a more plant-rich diet

-reducing plastic and landfill waste

-reducing debt and divesting from financial institutions that fund fossil fuel development

-downsizing holiday shopping and spending

-increasing home energy efficiency

-supporting small, local, and women and minority-owned businesses

-connecting to nature and what you most care about.


Like all change it can be hard!  There are many times I wished for solid support as I was moving through some of these. I have more to do and I still need internal and external pep talks, especially when I want to buy something I DON"T NEED!  :)  But the wonderful thing is that we are made for these times.  We can do the hard things. We get to learn and grow and change.



What you get!  

- limited-time, introductory pricing.

- 12 LIVE one hour online or in person individual coaching/learning sessions. 

- support aligning with your values, health vision, needs, and goals.

- support with research and education

- a beautiful path forward into a more meaningful, connected, and compassionate future. 

- 10% off all other menu items from Morning Light Wellness including additional personal or family coaching sessions, online and distance energy sessions, and in-person massage and Craniosacral Therapy treatments.

What is Integrative Health Coaching?

IHC is a client-centered process based on mindfulness- paying attention on purpose with curiosity and an open heart and open mind.  It includes a willingness to embrace your whole self, because health is everything - relationships, communcation, your physical environment, personal & professional development, nutrition, movement, rest, finances, mind/body connection and spirituality.  You work in partnership with the coach through reflective conversations and questions, creating goals and practices for long term wellness.


Who is best served by this group?

Any human who is ready to become more actively engaged in the climate crisis by looking within and changing their own habits and reducing their carbon footprint.  Any person interested in interconnectedness, holistic health, a goal they need support with, the future of humanity on Earth, who has a willingness to change and is ready to implement new behaviors.  Any person who believes in investing in the whole health of themselves and the planet!