Covid-19 Release Forms

If you have been sick or have traveled by plane anytime within the last month please wait to schedule an in-person appointment until it's been a month since you've been well/home. Online sessions are still available!  Thank you!

Self-Massage Course

Season 2

Beginning 10/23 

9am PST for 3 weeks with special election week pop-ups!

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Stacy Morgen, NVMT.6536

Massage, Craniosacral, and Energy Therapy

Heart, Earth, and Transformational Wellness Coaching

Stacy is an experienced and gifted massage therapist, bodyworker and educator with a diverse background, broad education and training, and a deep toolkit of intuitive, practical and energetic skills and talents.  She is an extraordinary therapist and bodyworker, and you will always receive an exceptional, consistent, personalized treatment.  She specializes in Intuitive Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Massage, Integrated Massage Therapy, Spa Services, and Energy Therapy in Reno, Nevada.