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Transformative Personal Coaching, Energy Medicine, and Reconnection to
 Your Sacred Body, our Shared Humanity and our One Earth.

Meet Stacy Morgen, BS, LMT

Bodyworker, Energy Medicine Facilitator, Educator,
Justice Activist & Transformative Personal Coach

Stacy Morgen is an experienced and gifted massage, craniosacral, and energy therapist as well as a transformational wellness coach. She is a bodyworker and educator with a diverse background, broad education and training, and a deep toolkit of intuitive, practical and energetic skills and talents.


Stacy is an extraordinary coach, therapist and bodyworker, and you will always receive an exceptional, consistent, personalized treatment. She specializes in Personal Wellness Coaching, Energy Medicine, Reiki and Shamanic work and is based in Reno, Nevada.


Wellness Support

Energy Therapy

Personalized, intuitive healing to help clear and heal all aspects of your life.

Integrated Health Coaching

Personal health coaching based on your long-term vision, values, and wellness goals.

Intuitive Wellness

Stacy's diverse background and fine-tuned intuition create a powerful blend to support you.

Self-Massage Courses

Extraordinary massage therapy + bodywork with Stacy's deep toolkit of intuitive, practical, and energetic skills.


Distance healing to balance and align your energy.

Custom Aromatherapy

Special selection of treatments to make your massage a blissful experience.

"Stacy's compassion for me as her client, as well as her knowledge of and sincere passion for offering physical relief and spiritual well-being, makes her an exceptional practitioner of the healing arts. Before each session, Stacy listened to my specific needs and provided the perfect massage or treatment. Stacy's touch is both healing and soothing, reflecting her wonderful spirit in all she does. My body and spirit have been enriched through her work."


— Doug Lister (Seabeck, WA)


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Energy Medicine

Stacy offers a variety of sessions to help you balance and align your energy and heal your soul.

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Self Massage Sessions

Stacy's integrated massage treatments are personalized to meet your needs.

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Stacy will help you connect to your vision for your future. Are you ready to embrace your whole self?


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In Reno, NV on unceded ancestral Washoe and Northern Paiute lands, along the sacred waters of Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River.